The District Conference is right around the corner!  Now is the time to get our young adults to join us for a fun filled day of fellowship and collaboration. As your new District Chairman of Rotaract, I respectfully ask you to pledge support of part of the cost for one or two Rotaractors/or RYLArians (future Rotaractors) to represent your Rotary Club at The White Oaks Resort on Saturday October 28th.   Click on Read more to find out how.
You might hear very soon from Rotaract Club members or former sponsored RYLArians asking the same from you. They already know that they are expected to cover part of it, but your support of $30 per person will help make it more affordable for them.  You can send a check with them made payable to Rotary District 7090, or you can pay online at, click on the Sponsor a Rotaractor/RYLArian etc. link in the Upcoming Events menu on the left side of the home page, just page down until you see it.  Register and pay for them under Guests.  As most clubs do not have credit cards, hopefully one of you (if approved by the club) can register and pay for the youths and get reimbursed by the club.
Lunch on Saturday will be included as part of the Rotaract package.  If possible, please consider having them join you at your table so that you can meet their friends, and they can meet yours! Make the MOST of it; they grow up so fast!  😉
They will be mainstreamed with the Rotary agenda but will also have their own Rotaract agenda between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. Please consider joining them for a one hour "Speed Networking Session". It's similar to speed dating (but bring your spouse or partner, anyway)!   This one hour session allows you to have brief, one on one chats about curriculums, careers, or service projects. 
If interested, please email me, Larry Coon, at with your name, your club and concise explanation of your career experience so we have a rough idea of the classifications represented in this event.  Please include "Speed Networking" in the subject line. 
What a fantastic way to offer vocational service! Our goal is to foster the relationship, generate collaboration in service and ultimately future Rotary membership!
It seems the more that I am in touch with Rotary Clubs around the District, the more I see Rotaractors joining Rotary!  It makes me thankful that our District has been so supportive of the Youth Services programs over recent years because IT'S PAYING OFF!
I'm proud to be your Rotaract Chairman and I look forward to your potential support.